Helens Bay & Crawfordsburn Park County Down

The Helens Bay area in North Down is stunning. Sitting just at the mouth of Belfast Lough, looking out onto the Irish Sea, there are some lovely walks here. In fact the walk from Holywood in the South all the way along to Bangor is a beautiful one (even further to Groomsport if you’re really feeling energetic) but in Autumn (when the visiting daytrippers have gone) a peaceful calm takes over. Thats when many like it best.


Sunset on a November evening, just slightly South of Helens Bay. If you look really closely you can see one of the old World War 2 lookout posts in the picture. Theres also a great WW2 museum just behind here called Grey Point Fort. See here: http://www.greypointfort.magix.net/public/


Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach, a feeling in the air, the Summers out of reach…


Looking across Helens Bay, spoiled only a little by Kilroot power station on the far side of the lough in the distance.


A small scene of Game of Thrones was shot around here when Brienne had Jaime Lannister prisoner.


Underneath Crawfordsburn viaduct. The trains to and from Bangor go over this regularly. The walk around here is beautiful (see pics below). Including a waterfall which looks great on a day after rain.


Deep in Crawfordsburn Country Park, which opened to the public in 1971. Even on a cold Winters day, many local families and visitors frequent the park, which includes a really nice little cafe for hot food and drinks.


During Autumn, the park bursts with colour. Don’t forget your camera.

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