Whitehead, County Antrim

Whitehead is a small seaside town on the east coast of County Antrim, lying almost midway between the towns of Carrickfergus and Larne. It lies within the civil parishes of Island Magee and Templecorran. Before the Plantation of Ulster its name was recorded as both Whitehead and Kinbaine (from Irish an Cionn Bán, meaning “the white head”).

Located at the base of Muldersleigh Hill, at the entrance to Belfast Lough, Whitehead lies in a small bay between the limestone cliffs of Whitehead and the black volcanic cliff of Blackhead, with the Blackhead Lighthouse on top, marking the entrance to the Lough. Whitehead is notable in that there are no streets with the suffix “Street” in their name, giving rise to the nickname ‘The Town With No Streets’.

whitehaed 1 (1)

This picture (and the two below) were taken from a moving train so the quality isn’t just up to scratch, but the bay at Whitehead still looks quite nice in this.

whitehaed 1 (2)

Quite a strange cloud formation. I expect its to do with the wind hitting the two land masses at this point (Ireland and Scotland) which are very close together here separated by just a few miles of ocean.

whitehaed 1 (3)

Another sunset picture just a few miles South of Whitehead. Even an oil refinery can look good with the Sun in the background.

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