Belfast Graffiti Art

When it comes to Belfast many know about the paramilitary murals of The Falls and Shankill Road etc which arose out of “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland. Many tourists now come here and pay to take a tour around these murals (most are in economically deprived areas), but its really only a small minority of Northern Ireland residents that actually want these tainted relics of our past to remain. With that in mind, while in Belfast yesterday (unfortunately without my camera), I decided to take a few pictures with my mobile phone to show the other side of street art here. Many of these pieces of graffiti were given the green light by local authorities to brighten up some of the more run down streets in the city. I quite like them.

belfast art (1)

This is a huge painting on a gable end wall in the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast

belfast art (2)

Another giant piece of graffiti on an end wall near St Annes Cathedral

belfast art (3)

Very psychedelic this one

belfast art (4)


belfast art (5)

Looks a little like Bjork to me.

belfast art (7)

This one is quite high up over the old Garfield Bar

belfast art (8)

Beside the one above

belfast art (9)

Mind the gas.

belfast art (10)

This one is slightly hidden behind a tree across the road from Aether & Echo on Lower Garfield St.

belfast art (11)

This phoenix sits over the doorway of the old North Street Arcade in Belfast possibly hinting at a revival of whats inside. There was a fire here 10yrs ago destroying the entire interior. If you look here: you can see what it looked like before the fire, and what it looks like now – pretty shocking stuff in a city center. That said, its heyday had probably gone when the fire took place, but the whole area sits as a dreadful eyesore currently.

belfast art (12)

What mythical tale does this one tell?

belfast art (13)

Sci-fi comic stuff

belfast art (14)

Pretty classical graffiti in North Street

belfast art (15)

A barbers shop in North Street

belfast art (16)

Hmm…. Is this Neil Diamond?

belfast art (17)


belfast art (18)

Its in the eyes

belfast art (19)

No tribal politics here – just tribal art 🙂